A Universe in My Coffee

I button up my sweater, sit at my desk, and sip hot coffee. I look down into the light blue mug at the white swirl of milk, a spiral galaxy on the caramel sea, and I watch it rotate. A ring of bubbles, a microcosm of undiscovered worlds, is bound up in the circle of froth at the edge of sea and sky as the ghostly arms spread out. I see this play out, a slow motion collision; the tentacles have reached the margin of their world, the bubble ring trapped against the heavens. I do not know if this is death or birth, but I pause for two seconds and really consider the possibilities.

The universe is largely composed of dark matter. Black holes eat light. It is very cold in outer space. A shiver rolls up my spine and my shoulders shake in response so I tug the sweater closer about my neck. I lift the mug of hot coffee toward my lips, take a final look at the universe, and drink to new worlds.


Is That So?

All I really want is a place to publish the occasional piece of Creative Non-Fiction (CNF). Two of my projects for 2016 are to write more CNF and the second objective is to become more familair with WordPress. I’m linking the two ideas with this blog.

Hello World